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It's Friday: Politically incorrect reasons for the Prius' popularity

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While I find the Stuff White People Like blog pretty funny, I feel the need to start this post with one of those "don't read if you're easily offended" disclaimers. Got it? OK, good. Those of us with an appreciation for lowbrow-yet-biting satire can now sit back and enjoy today's topic: the reasons white people like the Toyota Prius.
  • The Prius might be the most perfect white product ever. It's expensive, gives the idea that you are helping the environment, and requires no commitment/changes other than money.
  • The Toyota Prius gets 45 miles per gallon. That's right, you can drive 45 miles and burn only one gallon of gasoline. So somehow, through marketing or perception, the Prius lets people think that driving their car is GOOD for the environment.
  • It's a pretty sweet deal for white people. You can buy a car, continue to drive to work and Barak Obama rallies and feel like you are helping the environment!
That's just part of the post, and you can read the rest here. It's quite funny, but be advised that there are several broken links on the page. Other green-transportation items on the list of Stuff White People Like include bicycles (#61) and, well, beyond that, I'm not quite sure. Still, what's available there pretty much defines a lot of the white people I know. Remember, it's all in fun, but if you're easily offended, you probably shouldn't click over. Thanks to Jaben for the heads-up!

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