Click image for the Autoblog review of the 2007 Toyota Prius Touring

The Toyota Prius is the poster child for an entire subculture of the green movement. Its fuel-stingy nature and negligible emissions have made it an icon. The media is on board with the hero worship, and the public has guzzled the Kool Aid. To many, it is not just any hybrid, it is THE hybrid. It's practically touted as one of the cures to Earth's supposed problems, its bubblicious roof able to prevent the very sky from falling. It's a miracle. It's a fashion statement. It's holier than thou. My position on all the Prius hype? It's beyond ridiculous, and I have always taken it out on the car with snide remarks and a dismissive attitude. Of course, I had never actually driven a Prius before doing any of this this, which is the very definition of asinine. So I had Toyota lend me one for a week. Would my time spent attacking the daily slog with the Prius validate my knee-jerk dislike of the car, or would I be forced to acquire a taste for crow? Read my evaluation over at Autoblog (UPDATED: the link has been fixed) to find out.

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