Honda ordered to pay out in racism lawsuit

Kalmesh Shah moved to England from India in 2004, and started working for Honda six months after he arrived. Although he was put on a number of production lines without training, that wasn't the real problem. The real issue was that his supervisor abused him, calling him an "expletive" Indian, and he was bullied and refused toilet breaks. Over the two years of his employment, his mental and physical health suffered, and when he finally quit, he took his complaints to a tribunal. When the tribunal began to investigate, managers falsified documents to cover up the fact that Kalmesh wasn't trained.

The tribunal ultimately decided that Honda should pay £64,000 to Kalmesh -- £15,000 for what we in America would call pain and suffering, and the rest for loss of earnings and interest. Honda accepted the tribunal's findings, and considers "consider this case to be a very unfortunate 'one-off' and deeply regret the offense to Mr Shah caused by an individual associate."

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[Source: Yahoo!]

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