50 hybrid taxis coming to Melbourne in 2008

Taxi drivers in Melbourne, Australia who can get their hands on one of 50 hybrid taxi licenses later this year will see some big money savings right away. Thanks to a push by the Victorian government to green up the taxi fleet, the licenses will cost just $1,136 AUD ($1,016 USD); if that sounds like a lot, consider that it's just a sixth of the usual fee. According to Drive.com.au, starting this year, half of Melboure's 100 annual peak cab licenses (for taxis that run between 3 p.m. and 7 a.m.) will be given to hybrid drivers. Victorian Premier John Brumby said that each year, using hybrids instead of standard cabs will reduce CO 2 emissions by around 100 tons - oh, and save around $5,000 AUD worth of fuel per car per year.

[Source: Drive.com.au]

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