Rendered Speculation: Ford's new Ka is coming

There are many vehicles manufactured by Ford that never see the United States market, and the subcompact Ka is one of those offerings. It can be found roaming the streets of Europe and Latin America (totally different versions that happen to share the same name, we're told), and it's actually quite popular in the United Kingdom where the second generation model is eagerly awaited.
The updated Ka will officially debut in September at the Paris Motor Show, but Auto Express has managed to snag an early look for itself and produced some renderings based on what was seen. The new body lines trade smooth panels for slight bulges in the fenders, while the head and tail amps also protrude from the vehicle. The front fascia even features a wide mouth opening, further increasing the model's new dynamic personality. Despite the exterior changes, the design still maintains wheel placement at the extreme edges of all four corners. This ensures continuance of the tight cornering capabilities that made the previous model so popular. The new Ka will be built on the same platform as height-endowed automotive journo Jeremy Clarkson's favorite vehicle, the Fiat Panda, and share engines with the Fiat. It's not planned for sale in the U.S., but at least its larger siblings, the Fiesta and next-gen Euro Focus, are.

[Source: Auto Express]

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