Peugeot 308 runs the length of the M25 motorway on less than 10 of fuel

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The M25 is a 117-mile-long motorway that circles the outskirts of London,England. Right now, diesel runs about $8.14/US gallon at Motorway service centers in Blighty. (So if you think we have it bad, well, we don't.) Peugeot decided to do a demonstration of the efficiency of its new 308 S HDi 90 by driving it around the M25. The Ford Focus-sized 308 left with a full tank and accepted 1.99 imperial gallons (2.38 US gallons) when it returned to the starting point. That works out to 49 mpg (US) at an average of just over 50 mph for the trip. The total cost of the trip was just £9.95, which pretty low for a trip in the UK these days. Thanks to a CO2 emissions rating of only 120g/km this model of the 308 gets into one of the lowest tax bands with a annual fee of only £35. Come October, when the revised congestion charges go into effect in London, that CO2 rating will allow 308 owners to get into Central London free of charge.

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  • The Peugeot 308 S HDi 90 diesel travels all the way round M25 on £9.95
  • 58.8mpg five door 308 shows you don't have to compromise to reduce motoring costs
  • The Peugeot 308 S HDi 90 exempt from London Congestion Charge

The day has gone when you can drive very far on a tenner's worth of fuel. With the average cost of fuel going well beyond £1.00 a litre, drivers are constantly reviewing their driving lifestyle and are prepared to make considerable compromises to reduce their annual motoring bills.

Some drivers are opting for an expensive petrol hybrid or are measuring themselves up to see if they can fit inside a two-seat city car, but neither driving compromises make practical or financial sense.

Peugeot has shown that its latest model – the new 308 hatchback – provides the answer to a family's green, fuel efficient motoring without having to compromise.

In a spontaneous demonstration, a five-door Peugeot 308 S HDi 90 has just travelled the 117 miles round the M25 on less than a 'tenner' – £9.95 to be exact. Complete with two passengers and starting with the weight of a full tank of diesel fuel, the 308 returned an impressive 58.8mpg in wet and windy conditions, using just 1.99 gallons of diesel* for the journey. And the car averaged a shade over 50mph into the bargain – showing that this was a real-world test (and not a 30mph economy run).

The 308 S HDi 90 costs less than £15,000, gives you five doors, five seats, a sizable boot and a CO2 emission figure of 120g/km that reduces annual road tax bills to just £35, as well as miserly fuel consumption. And from 27th October 2008 (as announced today) if you venture off the M25 into Central London the 308 HDi 90 will also be exempt from Congestion Charging (just like some 25 other Peugeot models).

"The M25 exercise was a simple demonstration, but our results have a serious economic message to motorists. It shows you can still buy and run a family size car like the Peugeot 308 on a cost-effectives budget, and be environmentally sensitive without having to compromise," said Steve Lambert, Product Manager for Peugeot UK.


* Just 1.99 gallons of diesel fuel was consumed, which at the Motorway Services cost £1.10 per litre, totalling £9.95.

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