Cleaner dumping with the Electric Super Tipper

Commercial truck manufacturers are just as interested in fuel savings as the rest of us, and the savings a new vehicle might offer in fuel costs would likely go a long way towards swaying a customer to purchase a new truck. That's why we're pretty keen on the idea of a dump truck utilizing electric motors instead of the huge diesel-guzzling engines currently in use. Enter designer Haishan Deng's Electric Super Tipper. Granted, the true goal of the truck you see here is to make the work site more efficient by changing the loading and unloading process, but we imagine that using electric power in addition to the tilting body of the truck could result in even greater cost savings. Not only that, but the four in-wheel electric motors are what makes the entire design philosophy theoretically possible in the first place. We're not expecting to see any dump trucks like this any time in the near future, but forward-thinking designs will always find a welcome home on these pages.

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[Source: Yanko Design via Gizmag]

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