Toyota Aygo, Yaris and Prius exempt from revised London Congestion Charge

It didn't take long for automakers to respond to the official announcement yesterday about the changes to the London Congestion Charge. Now that cars that emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer will be exempted from the charges that go into effect in October, Toyota has put out a press release highlighting that the Aygo and the Yaris diesel will join the Prius as "Freemen of London." The three cars emit either 104 (Prius), 109 (Aygo) or 119 (Yaris diesel) grams per km. Details in the release after the jump.

Why do I get the feeling we'll hear a lot more about which cars qualify as "Freemen" soon?

[Source: Toyota]

Press Release:

Low emissions qualify for new congestion charge exemption

Changes to the Central London Congestion Charge announced today open the way for even more Toyota vehicles to travel in the capital for free. From 27 October, cars in bands A and B for Vehicle Excise Duty – those emitting less than 120g/km of carbon dioxide – will receive a 100 per cent discount.

As a master of small car design and clean engine technology, Toyota is well placed to benefit from the adjustment. All Aygo and diesel-powered Yaris models will join the hybrid power Prius as charge-busting vehicles.

In all there are 35 Toyota models that are charge-exempt, when different body styles, transmissions and specifications are taken into account. And the even better news is that Toyota's product strategy promises more low emissions models in the not-too-distant future.

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