Chrysler 300/Charger facelift due in 2011, RWD sticking around

While new fuel economy regs have put the General's rear-wheel-drive offerings into a holding pattern (we think), Chrysler will soldier on with its RWD LX platform into the next decade. According to The Car Connection, Chrysler plans to makeover the 300 and Charger in 2011, but the reason the Pentastar people are keeping it rear-wheel-drive isn't to sate the public's lust for FR cars, rather there's no budget to develop a new front-wheel-drive platform.

TCC's insider says that updates to the HEMI might be underway and that the new styling direction of the 300 will maintain the sedan's gangsta cues, but the low roofline will probably be nixed in favor of a larger greenhouse.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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