Rendered Speculation: The El Camaro

click above for more high-res renderings of the Chevy El Camaro

We're relatively certain that General Motors has no intention of reviving the El Camino nameplate. Fans of car-based trucklets should be happy that the General has given the green light to produce the Pontiac G8 ST and leave it at that. Of course, the mind wanders regardless and comes up with such interesting ideas as this, the El Camaro. While these renderings provided by Autoblog reader Bo Z are a bit stylized, we imagine that developing such a vehicle wouldn't require a large investment. Much like the G8 ST is simply the front end of a G8 sedan grafted onto the body of Holden Ute, the El Camero could be produced by doing the same thing with the front end of the new Camaro. We know, we know... new, more stringent CAFE regulations are right around the corner, the truck market is shrinking, etc. This is not the time to be dreaming of a Camaro with a bed. At least we've got Photoshop to help express our fanciful whims.

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