Spy Shots: Undisguised and indistinguishably facelifted Toyota Yaris

Vehicle test mules usually sneak out onto public roads with some camouflage to mask their identities from the legions of long-lensed paparazzi. With its latest development, Toyota opted for the opposite approach: no camouflage, no body-cladding, no shame. That could be because this facelifted Yaris hatchback bears little discernable difference to the model it succeeds. The shape of the air intakes and grille have been ever-so-slighty tweaked, while around back the tail-lights get subtly reconfigured.

With changes this minor, Toyota evidently thought that by putting masking tape around the revised bits, it would draw attention to it. And it almost slipped under the radar of the ever-vigilant online automotive press. Almost.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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