Ask Autoblog: How do you cook with your car engine?

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We've been working hard to add more video content to Autoblog, and one bright idea was to resurrect Ask Autoblog as a video series. To kick things off, we decided to answer a question that we had ourselves: How do you cook a meal using the only heat generated by a car engine. We didn't want to try something easy like hot dogs, so we went with ham and potatoes. Follow the jump to see whether or not we found success in the plastic-clad engine bays of today's cars, and let us know what you think of the results. Also, if you've tried to cook food in your engine bay, let us know what you made, and whether it worked out for you.

We'd also like for you to ask us any questions in the comments section of this post that may be on your mind, and we'll pick the ones best suited for video and answer them on Ask Autoblog. If the response is good, we'll make this a regular thing and maybe pick up a sponsor to pay for it. So check out the first Ask Autoblog video after the jump and ask away in the comments.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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