Scuderia Ferrari receives record $100m payout from F1

Still think that running an F1 team is a financial liability? Well, it is for most teams, but not for Ferrari. Although financial arrangements in Formula One remain highly secretive, motorsport financial report Formula Money accounts that the Scuderia received a record payout of $100 million from Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management (FOM).

The high payout is due in part to the new profit-sharing agreement between FOM and the teams, by which the constructors share 50% of the profits from television broadcasts, trackside advertising and corporate hospitality. That's compared to the previous prize pot based on 47% of just the TV rights. Ferrari's record nine-figure payout is reported to be divided between $68.9 million for having won the constructors' championship last year and the $33.3 million final installment of the $100m signing bonus for committing to the sport through 2012, which Ferrari signed in 2005. The cash from FOM, however, seems like pocket change compared to what Ferrari is estimated to pull in this year from sponsors like Marlboro and Shell: last year Ferrari made $183m in sponsorship, which is only expected to have increased following the team's double championship last year.

[Source: PitPass via World Car Fans, Photo by BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty]

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