Ridin' on the freeway of love - Aretha's pink Caddy on the block

It's not the actual car referenced in the little chestnut "Freeway of Love," but this Mary-Kay pink 2008 Cadillac CTS signed by Aretha Franklin is hitting the auction block in Los Angeles today. The funds will benefit MusiCares, an organization set up by the Recording Academy (the Grammy people) to provide humanitarian support to musicians that need help. That doesn't mean getting a speech therapist for Ozzy, it's more like helping folks still trying to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Katrina. The event is part of the MusicCares 2008 Person of the Year tribute that will honor Aretha Franklin, and we'd much rather have a pink CTS than a Cimmaron, which was the entry-level Caddy during the song's day on the charts. We'd take it in black, and load R-E-S-P-E-C-T onto the audio system's hard drive immediately.

[Source: MusiCares via Inside Line]

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