Fisker announces a four-seat plug-in hybrid convertible

Henrik Fisker is not slowing down. Following a positive reception to his Karma plug-in hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show, Fisker showed off the first picture of a two-door, four-seat convertible at the J.D. Power Roundtable in San Francisco today, according to Automotive News (subs req'd). That little picture is not all we know about this car, as Fisker said it will use the same PHEV powertrain as the Karma and will be available at around the same time (i.e., late 2009). If you've got an Automotive News subscription, you can see a larger version of the image above on the AN site.
While the Karma has four-doors, there is a lot of styling carryover between the two vehicles (based on this one image). The wheels, grille, and body shape all look similar. The two obvious differences are the missing top and reduced number of doors. What do you see? (you can compare the shot above with a large 3/4 shot of the Karma here.

[Source: Automotive News]

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