Chicago 2008: Ford Edge Sport saunters into Chi-town

click above for more high-res live shots of the Ford Edge Sport

What is in a name? Would it be too linear a thought process to expect that a vehicle with a "sport" designation would be, you know, sporty? Ford officially rolled out the Edge Sport at the Chicago Auto Show, and while the moniker might be dubious, it is at least a nicely done factory tuner. The idea behind the Edge Sport is to create a tuner package with factory-backed quality levels. Check out the live shots and you'll see that the already well-trimmed interior gets an extra level of attention, and the bodykit applied to the outside is tasteful. New paint colors are Sport-exclusive, as are smoked lenses on the lights. The biggest feature that Ford is touting are the monstrous wheels wrapped in low-profile rubber. The standard 20-inchers are enough to give the brake rotors an inferiority complex as they appear hardly larger than the wheel hubs. If you need an even harsher ride and more clearance around those anti-massive brakes, you can upgrade to 22s. Wheel size to brake rotor diameter shenanigans aside, we like the Edge Sport. We'd find it sporty if it came with the EcoBoost powertrain, but as it stands, it's more like the Edge Spiffy.

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