Twingo Renault Sport debuts alongside new F1 car

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As Bob Lutz likes to often remind us, Americans don't want to pay big money for premium small cars. But oh, if we did, the just unveiled Twingo Renault Sport might be what we get. Unveiled today along with Renault new R28 F1 car (more on that later), the Twingo Renault Sport joins the larger Clio and Megane Renault Sport in the automaker's lineup of hotted up forms of basic transportation.

Based on the new Twingo that was unveiled last year at the Geneva Motor Show, the Renault Sport model adds a 133-hp 1.6L motor to the small three-door hatchback. Coupled with Renault's expert chassis tuning and an inherently slim figure, the Twingo Renault Sport should make for one fun ride. For Europeans, that is, because Renault doesn't sell cars in the US. For shame, we say, as this little guy looks like fun. We'll see the Twingo Renault Sport up close and personal in March at the Geneva Motor Show, as well as bring you more details, specs and live photos. Until then, Renault's provided some high-res pics over which we can ogle.

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Renault Sport Technologies profited from the international launch of the latest R28
Formula 1 single-seater in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, France, today to take
the wraps off Twingo Renault Sport. Renault's new, affordable, high-performance
car slots into the Renault Sport range alongside its bigger sister cars, Clio and
Mégane Renault Sport.

Twingo Renault Sport is a genuine hot hatch with looks to match and was designed
to deliver both enjoyable roadholding and genuine sports performance. Its efficient,
balanced chassis has been mated to a fiery but flexible 133hp engine to form a
package that is sure to appeal to all those who seek sporting sensations and
driving pleasure during everyday motoring.

Unmistakable sporting credentials
Renault has produced an affordable high-performance car which sits alongside Clio and
Mégane Renault Sport in the Renault Sport range. Twingo Renault Sport's compact
proportions and incisive, assertive styling are redolent of the Twingo Concept show car
which was unveiled at the 2006 Paris Show. Twingo's existing lines are underpinned by a
more curvaceous, athletic stance and the newcomer's sporty calling is further emphasized
by its wider front and rear wings, profiled sills and spoiler.

Driving pleasure and sporting sensations during everyday motoring
Twingo Renault Sport is the response of Renault Sport Technologies' experts to a two-
pronged challenge, namely to deliver sports performance while at the same time
ensuring that the new car is easy to use on a day-to-day basis. Twingo Renault Sport's
chassis is both responsive and finely tuned to provide precise, balanced sports handling,
while specific work on the pitch of its new 133hp 1,598cc engine reveals its punchy

The public will have the opportunity to examine Twingo Renault Sport in further detail at
the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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