Over 1/5th of Bugatti Veyrons are in Dubai

You'd think that owning a car as expensive and exclusive as the Bugatti Veyron would ensure that seeing another one in your neighborhood would be an unlikely event. And it probably is for most of the 125 customers who've taken delivery of the hyper-exotic to date around the world. Except if you live in Dubai, where Bugatti has already sold no less than 15 of its million-dollar supercars, or 18.75% of Veyrons produced to date.

With a population of about one and a half million in the oil-rich emirate – roughly the size of Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the US – that means there's one Veyron for every 100,000 people. (By contrast, there are 27 Veyrons in the entire UK, population: 60 million). For those fifteen multi-millionaires, however, the flashy wheels might be the edge they need when you consider that there are a very un-Beach Boys-like three boys for every girl in Dubai.

[Source: Emirates Business via The German Car Blog]

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