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DeLorean inspires pop album

It'd take a special kind of person to draw inspiration from the life of John DeLorean, who despite creating two highly iconic sportscars, is also remembered for his shady business dealings and narcotics wrap. Leave it to a Welsh guitarist and a Hollywood producer, then. Gruff Rhys, know to some as the front-man for a band called Super Furry Animal, is collaborating with Los Angeles music producer Boom Bip (seriously, we couldn't make up names like those) on an electro-pop album called Stainless Style, inspired by DeLorean's life's work.

The album is due to hit the shelves of music stores all around Wales the world in late February. The duo calls themselves Neon Neon, and as our British compatriots point out, likely won't feature any covers of Huey Lewis' The Power of Love or any of the other songs we know from the Back to the Future trilogy...just the car on the cover.

[Source: WhatCar?]

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