Mother Jones not too keen on Coskata/GM cellulosic ethanol development

Calling it "business as usual," Casey Miner is not too impressed with the news of $1-a-gallon cellulosic ethanol that might come from the partnership between GM and Coskata. Miner's point is that ethanol or not, we (in developed countries) still use far too many resources. Swapping gasoline for ethanol doesn't require a shift of habits, just a way to turn some waste into fuel. Instead, it's a greener way to do what we do now. Coskata's CMO and vice president Wes Bolsen was quick to respond to Miner's argument, but his defense of Coskata's achievements - while notable - was only a feeble response to the overall discussion.
Longtime ABG readers will remember that I love the "drive less" mentality, which is really what Miner is espousing. Trading a car ride in for a bike ride reduces a lot more CO2 than using ethanol instead of gasoline. There's no way that GM or Bolsen or anyone will ever make that untrue.

[Source: Mother Jones]

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