KL Process Design Group to supply cellulosic ethanol for ALMS

At the Detroit Auto Show, American Le Mans Series CEO Scott Atherton announced a green racing initiative for the series. A big part of that included the announcement that the Corvette Racing team would be running on E85 made with cellulosic ethanol during the 2008 season. At the time General Motors did not announce who the fuel supplier would be. They have now revealed that the cellulosic ethanol would be provided by KL Process Design Group. KL will be producing the ethanol from wood waste using a proprietary enzyme process.

Cellulosic ethanol will debut as a race fuel at the Twelve Hours of Sebring on March 15. The Corvettes won't be the only cars running the biofuel. The Aston Martin DBR9 will be returning to the GT1 class this year and it will also run cellulosic E85. In the top LMP1 class the Audi R10s will be joined at least at Sebring by the Peugeot 908 HDi diesels reprising their battle from Le Mans 2007. Hopefully the Peugeots will stay for the full season.

[Source: American Le Mans Series]

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