Car dealers can benefit from green-thinking consumers

As we wrote about the other day, gas guzzlers are losing the sales war to smaller, more efficient vehicles in the UK. The UK's National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, says that the new greener awareness among customers is really a sales boost waiting to happen.
RMI director Sue Robinson said in a statement that:

The move towards more environmentally-friendly vehicles could be a major sales driver for car dealers in 2008. Consumers want to do their part to reduce carbon emissions, and many will be looking at where they can make reductions. Their choice of vehicle will have a significant impact. Company car drivers are also encouraged via the tax regime governing this segment. All this gives dealers an opportunity to help consumers make the choice, maximize sales, and do their part for the environment all at the same time. The new car fuel economy labeling system for cars that is already in place already enables dealers to show which cars will provide lower emissions, and they can build on this. Dealers would like to see the Government do even more to encourage consumers to buy ethically, and think green.

Obviously, there are a lot of questions that can give buyers pause. We might all like to buy a new and cleaner car, but do we have the money for it? Are the options currently available worth buying now or should be use the junker we've got for another year or three and see what's on the lot then? While it's nice to think of the ways we can drive smarter and greener, I haven't seen a lot of comments from our readers that makes me think the green buying revolution is right around the corner.

[Source: RMIF]

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