British Electric utility EDF Energy has just acquired 250 new light commercial vehicles from Peugeot powered by the company's latest diesel engines. The fleet includes 207 Expert and Partner vans that are also prepared by Peugeot at a special distribution center. Typically, fleet vehicles of this type are sent to different locations to get the special equipment they need such as radios, phones, badging and any other aftermarket bits. The Peugeot center takes care of all the work in one location.

[Source: Peugeot UK]

For immediate release 25 January 2008

Where do they get their Green Energy Vans from?

  • Peugeot provides EDF Energy with cleaner, greener diesel vehicles
  • EDF Energy pledges to make a 20% reduction in vehicle fleet CO2 emissions by 2012
  • Peugeot 308 HDi 90 S available with CO2 emissions of just 120g/km

Peugeot is helping EDF Energy, one of its largest fleet customers to fulfil its commitment to make a 20% reduction in fleet vehicle CO2 emissions by 2012.

The energy company, which is one of the largest in the UK, has recently added nearly 250 Peugeot light commercial vehicles to its fleet, showcasing the latest in clean, efficient diesel technology.

The latest order, a mixture of 207, Partner and Expert vans, forms part of the 3,500 strong EDF Energy, dual-badge, Peugeot and Ford van fleet. Peugeot also supplies around 500 cars to the fleet, the majority being diesel engine versions of 307, 407 and the new 308.

Peugeot offers a fully integrated service to EDF Energy that also enables the company to maximise efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions before its vehicles even hit the road. Peugeot's Regional Distribution Centre in Sheerness acts as a one stop shop for all aftermarket fittings, including mobile phone installations and EDF Energy livery. Therefore, it reduces the need to further transport each new vehicle through a variety of different suppliers.

EDF Energy's vehicle fleet covers a mammoth 80 million miles each year, undertaking a number of tasks including customer meter reading, emergency repairs and maintenance for the energy network that supplies almost 36% of the UK's electricity.

Chris Pascall, Head of Transport for EDF Energy comments on the relationship with Peugeot, "During the fleet tender process we focussed specifically on the environmental and safety credentials of each vehicle range on offer. As we rely so heavily on our vehicles, it was important to find those that can viably reduce our CO2 emissions.

"To ensure EDF Energy meets its emissions reduction target, it is vital to have access to the latest, sustainable vehicle technology. Peugeot HDi engines offer this without the need to compromise on safety or practicality. We are also looking forward to new developments in environmentally friendly technology, like the new 308 HDi 90 that has CO2 emissions of just 120g/km and the Bipper van."

Commenting on the future relationship, Steve Harris, Peugeot UK's Fleet Director said, "The focus of all Peugeot fleet activity is to reduce environmental impact as much as possible, whether this is through the use of clean, efficient diesel engines or through intelligent utilisation of our facilities.

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