eBay Find of the Day: Ferrari FXX

Thanks to sites like eBay Motors, cars are trading hands over the internet all the time. But seeing a Ferrari FXX for sale online is a considerably rarer sight. The FXX, for those unacquainted, is the super-Enzo that Ferrari rolled out as a dynamic test bed for developing new components for use in future supercars. Only 30 were made, each sold to hand-picked clients from among the company's best customers for the $2 million privilege of being a client test driver for Maranello.

The owner in Yokohama, Japan, evidently opted not to re-ante for the FXX Evoluzione program, and is selling his FXX online in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The 15-day auction, being conducted by our reader Japarabia who tipped us off to the sale, is holding at 14 million UAE Dirhams (about $3.8 million) with less than a day to go.

(As a special bonus, we've got a five-minute in-cabin video of an FXX lapping Silverstone that's pure aural euphoria for exhaust-note junkies after the jump, courtesy of our friends at Winding Road.)

[Source: Souq.com Motors]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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