For Sale: 2006 Ferrari FXX for $4 million

Coming up just a couple grand short of $4 million dollars is one Ferrari FXX, on sale by Exotic Motorcars based in Boynton Beach, FL. The sale of this vehicle is news because all of the 29 FXX models built were supposedly sold to Client Test Drivers, longstanding Ferrari customers chosen by Maranello to become a bonafide part of Team Ferrari through their ownership of this track-bound hotbed of F1 racing technology. Those customers ponied up nearly $1.8 million to own an FXX new, and apparently the car is appreciating nicely after only a year in existence. Exotic Motorcars claims this specific FXX won't be available until December and has 0 miles on the odometer. We're surprised to see an FXX on the open market like this, especially one that seems to include all of the bonus value of owning an FXX, like free housing for your car at the Maranello factory and transportation to various international tracks.

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