Exhaust Burger: Let your tailpipe cook for you

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Barbecuing can be such exhausting work. Surely there's an easier way. A group of Iranian inventors looked at how we cook and how we drive and how we dump so much heat out the back of our cars. Putting them all together, they came up with the Exhaust Burger concept.

Before you start complaining about the taste of carbon monoxide and the cancer risks of automotive air pollution, look closely at the design. The exhaust merely heats the upper element of the device, cooking your burger much like a Foreman Grill.

Of course, unlike the Foreman, there's nowhere for the grease to go, no easy way to check on the status of your food, and the Exhaust Burger only cooks one patty at a time. Oh, and the EB is still only a concept that was entered into Designboom's competition.

We'd sure like to try it out, though, especially if fitted to the back of a bio-diesel running on used grease from McDonald's. Instead of asthma-inducing fumes, we'd be spewing the hunger-inspiring smells of french fries and hamburgers. Yum. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Culture Garage via Designboom]

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