Will nuclear energy bring us the zero-emission vehicle?

Do you remember the car pictured? It's the concept Ford Nucleon! In the late 1950s, it would have had a small nuclear reactor and would have driven us for thousands of miles without refueling. A shame that nuclear energy has so many drawbacks (or potentials for growth, in estate agent language).
But things in life seem to be cyclic sometimes and the nuclear energy for cars seems to have come back again, although with a new outfit: According to Larry Burns, VP at GM, nuclear energy can power electricity plants that will feed our plug-in hybrids and produce hydrogen to fill up our tanks.

Mr. Burns's stated on that our energy needs will increase by 60 percent in the following 20 years. in 15 years, 30 percent of the total will be needed just for our automobiles.

Oh. Actually France already believes this is the right solution (which doesn't comfort me)

[Source: El Mundo (link is in Spanish)]

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