France goes green with Sarkozy's announcement

France's flag is no longer red, white and blue, it's green. President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a set of measures to make the country advance towards sustainable development. The initiatives were announced after the conclusion of the Grenelle de l'environment negotiations. The Grenelle (a word that comes from the students' revolution in Paris in May '68) was a set of conversations among government, industry, environmental groups and unions.
In a few words: France is going to tax fossil fuels and will promote energy saving, increased railway transport, a halt in the construction of new highways, the development of renewable energies (without stopping nuclear power, something that will become "transparent") and changes in the Penal Code to punish harder for all kinds of environmental crimes and products.

All fossil fuels will have a new "carbon tax." In order to ease the burden for companies, other taxes will in some cases be reduced.

During the official announcement, Sarkozy was supported by Al Gore and José Durao Barrosso (the EU Comission President).

[Source: Le Monde (Read link is in French)]

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