Enter the Rumormill: Spyker D12 to get American muscle

Good news all you power-hungry Spyker fans. Rumors are flying that the newly revived Dutch company is re-thinking the powerplants in its new C12 Zagato and D12 SUV. Instead of using VW's 6.0-liter W12, Spyker may be looking to U.S. manufacturers for its engines.

Three reasons could be driving the company to go American. One is purely financial. With the Euro worth about $1.50 right now, U.S. engines would be much cheaper than German ones. The second reason is output. VW is expected to end production of their W12 soon, and Spyker doesn't want to get caught with nothing under their hoods. The third reason is, again, output. Spyker's CEO Victor Muller has said the Audi V8 his company had once planned for use in the D12 SUV just isn't powerful enough with "only" 400 hp.

So what engines would be appropriate for Spyker? " Beleggers Belangen" quotes Muller as saying, "Look at the block in the General Motors Corvette: thick 500 hp.And from the V10 Dodge Viper: over 600 hp."

Dear Santa: We've been really good this year, but if you bring us a Viper-powered, Dutch-designed supercar with 600 hp we can't make any promises for next year.

[Sources: Autoblog.nl via Motor Authority]

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