Enterprise Rent-a-car facing problems implementing green initatives

Enterprise Rent-a-car has a couple of green initiatives going. First of all, it has a good number of fuel-efficient vehicles (defined as those that get more than 28 mpg, as shown above) including 5,000 hybrids and 73,000 flex-fuel vehicles. Then, it's offering carbon-offsetting for all its customers, which is claimed to be equivalent of "planting the trees in New York's Central Park every 10 days for the next 50 years."

This sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, the fact is that the company can't fully implement this policy. First of all, its flex-fuel vehicles seldom run on E85 due to the lack of fueling stations. Second, less than one in 10 customers so far are paying the extra $1.25 per rental to offset their carbon emissions. And let's not forget that none of Enterprise's vehicle providers (Toyota, Saturn and Ford) can supply its demand. As Pat Farrell, Enterprise's vice president for corporate responsibility says "We've told our manufacturing partners that we want many, many more. You just can't get them."

[Source: CNN money]

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