VeraSun Energy and Enterprise will bring ethanol to rental cars

There are certainly no lack of methods to make your travels less environmentally damaging than they used to be. Here's another option, if you're into ethanol: VeraSun Energy and Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced last week that the two companies will work together to use VeraSun's E85 brand (VE85) in Enterprise's flexfuel vehicles, wherever VE85 is available.
This is (potentially) no small change. Enterprise has 41,000 E85-ready vehicles for rent. But VeraSun is only available at about 90 stations in America. The companies are saying this move is meant to not only use fewer fossil fuels, but to also introduce E85 (ok, VE85) to more people. As William L. Honnef, VeraSun senior vice president of sales and marketing says in the release, "This is another step forward in our continuing pursuit to move E85 further into the mainstream and to support those retailers who are making the fuel available in their marketplace."

[Source: VeraSun Energy Corporation]

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