Chrysler completely reorganizing product development strategy

Chrysler, LLC has announced that it's streamlining its product development process. For an as-yet-unnamed mid-size vehicle, Chrysler is creating a sort of central HQ that will house "every facet from design and marketing to engineering, including multiple dimensions within engineering including ride quality, interiors etc.," according to CEO Bob Nardelli. This new system replaces the old one where a number of departments spread over many geographical areas were utilized. The new program will have its own facility and be charged with creating mid-size cars for global markets, so we can perhaps expect the fruit it bears to be replacements for the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring.
In addition to that, Chrysler is creating global, centralized "centers of excellence" for each of its brands to raise the standard of the products it already has out. To be located in countries like Mexico and China, these localized development centers sound as if they'll be like the design studios set up in SoCal by import manufacturers to take advantage of the talent pool and track trends.

All of Chrysler's product development talent will also be grouped into five teams from now on: Jeep, trucks, cars and minivans, mid-sized vehicles for global markets, and street and racing technology (SRT) performance products. The purpose is to group developers together who would be charged with design and innovation, which would ultimately increase parts sharing among their respective vehicles. If all goes according to plan, we'll see Chrysler products with cutting edge designs and vastly improved interiors in the near future. Here's hoping...

[Source: Auto News, sub. req'd]

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