2009 Chevy Camaro a no-show at auto shows

We've seen the Camaro coupe and convertible concepts over the past two years at venues like the Detroit and Chicago auto shows. A stunning yellow Camaro also had the starring role on the biggest Hollywood blockbuster of 2007. We're even getting " spy shots" of the production Camaro taken by General Motors engineers that are posted on the GM Fast Lane blog. What we won't see any time soon is a production Camaro being unveiled during 2008. Kicking Tires quotes Chevy execs as saying that the company wants to avoid overexposure when production is still a year away. The General also wants to get the concept car to less prominent show sites like Houston and Cleveland, and there aren't many hand-made models to spread out across the country.

Since this is the third year in a row that at least one Camaro concept has been shown at the Detroit show, the crowd gathering around the Mustang fighter has gotten decidedly smaller. We're thinking the reason for that is because the public is now ready for the production model, but since a salable model is still a year away, the General is smart to hold off until the iconic pony car is closer to dealer lots. Besides, if we get a new picture from GM every week or two, it'll more than curb our cravings for bow-tie pony power for the time being.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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