Camaro spotted by GM's spy shooters, again

click above to view the new Camaro spy-shot in high-res

General Motors has released another shot of the production Camaro making the rounds on its test track and this time we get a nice view of the front three-quarters. According to the FastLane Blog, the Camaro "is quickly evolving into final form," however, things like the headlight design will likely change before all is said and done. The itty-bitty pic doesn't divulge much, but it does prove that GM is sticking as close to the concept as possible. And just to let you know, we're already looking for a larger version of the pic.

High-res version of the pic added.
UPDATE 2: You knew they were coming. forum member Rampant has provided us with images of the new Camaro shot in a rainbow of colors.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

    • Original Camaro prototype

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