Saleen celebrates 25th anniversary with SA-25 Sterling Edition Mustang

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It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Steve Saleen first founded Saleen Autosport. The company has made a profound impact on the Mustang world since then, producing some of the highest performing Mustangs on the market. The company has a tradition of producing limited-edition anniversary models, starting with the SA-5 Mustang in 1988, the SA-10 in 1993, SA-15 in 1998, and most recently the SA-20 in 2003. That time has rolled around again, and Saleen has announced the SA-25 Sterling Edition Mustang.

Based on the S302 Extreme, the Sterling Edition gets the same supercharged V8 pushing out 620 horsepower and 600 lb-ft torque. Visually separating it from the standard version are unique 5-spoke forged wheels, handpainted "Gun Sight" racing stripes and anniversary fender badges. In addition to the standard Saleen interior upgrades, the Sterling Edition gets a push-button electric start, Black Diamond alcantara seats with leather accents, a navigation system and a serialized center plaque. Buyers will also get luxury treatment, including a first class flight to Detroit, limo transportation to and from the airport, dinner with Saleen executives, a hosted tour of the Saleen plant, and a custom leather jacket among other things. Only 25 will be built at a price of $99,995. It's definitely not for the typical Mustang buyer, but we're sure there are several Saleen faithful out there who will want one in the garage.

[Source: Saleen]

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