Elettrica already on sale in the UK, in lead-acid or li-ion

Smartplanet has published some information about the Elettrica: Future Vehicles has already put it on sale. The Elettrica is an all-electric car which can be purchased with either a set of lead-acid batteries (at £9,950) or a lithium pack (at £12,750). This is "just a little more" expensive than the G-Wiz, which had a recent offer with prices starting at £2,999. I made a small test drive of the latter during the Barcelona Auto Show and I was unimpressed when I compared it to a regular car, but admit it's far superior than any 49cc quadracycle.

Nevertheless, the Elettrica has a very decent performance: a 70-mile range and a maximum speed of 45 mph. The company also sells converted classics so you can run on electrons in a more classy way. You can get an converted Mini Classic with prices starting on £17,500. If I win the lottery, I'll get one.

[Source: Smartplanet (thanks to Matthew and Adam for the tip)]

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