First street-legal Miles ZX40S on the road in Bellingham

The Bellingham Herald has published the story of the first family who have purchased a Miles ZX40S and is already driving it on the road. The car, which is classified as a NEV (although the mother quietly said she's driven it to 41 mph, which is a bit confusing, since most NEVs have an electrically-limited top speed), is considered enough for the family uses: a maximum of 50 miles round trip on roads where the maximum speed is 40 mph.

The family chose the car because, despite the low maximum speed, it runs on an AC instead of DC, which improves performance and it's actually a "real car" that seats four, has four seatbelts and a steel body. They also intend the car to be used for carpooling. The car is actually getting a lot of notice from the Bellingham locals in this quiet Washington town.

[Source: Bellingham Herald (thanks to Rory for the tip)]

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