eBay Find of the Day: $3 million for the only 1967 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake ever made

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You might be asking the same question that we are. Why isn't this thing at Barrett-Jackson? With the auction less than a week away, this car would have been the perfect candidate for an over-zealous buyer to pay way too much for a classic muscle car. Only one Shelby GT500 SuperSnake was ever built, so it's even more rare than the Shelby Cobra SuperSnake that sold for $5 million at Barrett-Jackson last year. Shelby built twice as many of those! Still, it doesn't make the $3 million Buy It Now price sound any less ridiculous. Cool features of this truly-and-honestly one-of-a-kind car include a 427ci V8 with 520 horsepower, a 170 mph top speed and unique triple stripes.

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