Detroit 2008: Who says the Chinese don't have a sense of humor?

After strolling around the displays of some of the Chinese manufacturers here at the Detroit Auto Show, I've found that you certainly can't accuse the Chinese of not having a sense of humor. Located in the center of the lower hall is the display booth from Tang Hua, a Chinese manufacturer of neighborhood electric vehicles. The design itself is amusing, especially if you appreciate blowing bubbles. Perhaps more interesting than the vehicle is the note taped to the information sign by the car (see right).

When I questioned the translator about whether the note was intended to imply that Mr. Bush was a renowned environmentalist, he checked with the owner of the company to verify the translation. They chuckled and the translator explained that it was a joke. Maybe the Chinese are OK after all. By the way if you're interested in the car, it's $5,800 with lead acid batteries and $9,200 with lithium.

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