Detroit 2008: Ford VP Jim Farley on the new Verve sedan

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The U.S. version of the Ford Verve Concept is unveiled in Detroit today. To mark the stateside debut of the European-based Verve concept, Ford released a few audio snippets from FoMoCo group vice president Jim Farley about the car. You can read them after the jump or listen to them mashed into one audio file here (1:30 min, 1MB).

Basically, Farley says that if people want to understand what kinds of B Car Ford will be bringing out in 2010, checking out the Verve is a great way to see into the future. This concept isn't exactly like the car that will be released in a few years, but it is a 70 to 90 percent accurate preview of what's coming.
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The Ford Verve Sedan Concept was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show today. It is one in a trio of global small car concept introductions that demonstrate how Ford is leveraging its global scale to deliver more products people want worldwide. Ford Motor Company Group Vice President Jim Farley says the European-based Verve is an import Ford entry into the growing small-car market.

"The verve is a significant product introduction for us at the motor show and concept reveal for the sole reason, it captures what makes Ford different and that is competent small cars that are really well done."

Farley says the Verve is a connection between Europe and the U.S., it is the future of Ford.

"Verve is a critical reveal for us as a concept car because it hints at our B Car introduction in 2010, and as many people know, but many consumers don't know, Ford of Europe is the leading producer of premium small cars, from Mondeo and Focus to Fiesta, and Ka, Ford Europe has a tremendous customer following on differentiates small cars that are really fun to drive and are great to look at, great design."

According to Farley, the concept Verve further demonstrates Ford's commitment to play big in the growing small car segment with a dynamic sedan, tailored for North American customers, that represents competence.

"As we export that idea of competency here in North America to a ever increasing market for small cars, the Verve is a hint, a connection."

The car will be in Europe a couple of years before it gets to the U.S. Farley says it's important the American consumer knows it's on the way.

"It takes time for customers to get excited about shifts in product strategy, Verve is a diffinently a significant shift for a company here in S.E. Michigan. This is what Ford is going to stand for in the future." .

Farley also says, the Verve Concept illustrates the 'One Ford' global product development vision. But will the hot looking B car Concept at this North American International Auto Show, with lots of bling, look like the production car?

"The Verve is a great example of what we will ultimately execute, in our small B Car...It is all captured in that concept car and on a scale of one to ten, and being the won't change at all and one being it won't look anything like, we're talking about a 7,8,9."

The Ford Verve concept sedan being unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit represents Ford's vision for a future North American small Car.

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