CES 2008: PumpTop TV coming your way

Westinghouse Digital had its PumpTop TV on display at CES. As described by the title, it's a flatscreen monitor that sits on top of a fuel pump. It gives the consumer something to do besides staring at passing vehicles while waiting around for the tank to fill. The unit is already in use at many gas stations throughout the United States. While the idea of being bombarded by even more advertising when out driving is not a pleasant thought, the TV network might be helpful in exposing folks to urgent news alerts such as bridge collapses, dust storms, or forest fires. In Southern California some pump televisions also display real-time traffic data in addition to weather, news and (of course) advertisements. While that can be useful info when trying to plan a route through clogged freeways, the downside of the PumpTop set is its poor screen visibility in extreme sunlight, which might explain why many stations equipped with the devices simply leave them turned off.
[Source: Engadget]

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