Zap will give new buyers a year's worth of free electricity

Well, once you have your " made for iPod" Zap car, you'll see an increase in your electric bill, right? Not if you buy a Zap Xebra sedan or pickup ordered in the next month or so. For new Xebra buyers, Zap will throw in a free Kill-A-Watt Smart Power Meter and will cover your electricity costs for one year. According to the National Post, this "preemptive action" could quiet drivers concerns about high gas prices, at least those who opt for a Xebra. You can read more, direct from Zap, here.

To qualify for the freebies, you need to order your Xebra before Valentine's Day (Feb.14). How lovely.

[Source: Drew Hasselback / National Post and Zap via EVWorld]

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