Ford confirms development of new RWD platform

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Like General Motors, Ford may be shifting its powertrain development away from V8 engines for its passenger cars in favor of its EcoBoost powertrains that use turbocharging and direct injection to make up for a lack of displacement. Also like GM, that doesn't mean the Blue Oval will be abandoning big, rear-wheel-drive vehicles in the future. Automotive News reports that execs from Ford have confirmed that the automaker is developing a new rear-wheel-drive architecture. Details are scarce, but Ford leaders, including group vice president of global manufacturing Joe Hinrichs, said that even if the company decides to use a new rear-wheel-drive architecture being developed in Australia, that doesn't mean production of the platform for export to global markets including the U.S. would necessarily be sourced in Oz. This is where Ford parts ways with GM, which is sourcing production for its rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform used in such vehicles as the 2008 Pontiac G8 and 2009 Chevy Camaro in Australia.

As for what rear-wheel-drive vehicles we can expect from Ford in the future, your guess is as good as ours. It gives us hope that a right-wheel-driven production sedan based on the Ford Interceptor concept (shown above) is still being considered, which is something you would already know if you've seen the movie I Am Legend.

[Source: Automotive News]

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