Detroit Auto Show: Ford Interceptor official unveiling

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It's been a long three weeks since Ford officially announced that the Interceptor concept would be debuting at the Detroit Auto Show, but the big, blocky sedan finally rolled onstage in Cobo Arena to an introduction by Ford design chief J Mays. Much was made of squircles and Super Chief design influences, but Mays also nodded toward the heart and soul of the concept - an E85-compatible Cammer 5.0L V8 and 6-speed manual gearbox, with a good ol'-fashioned short-throw shifter.

FoMoCo then announced that it had finally woken up, realized what it means to be a truly American car company, and stated that it was making a Bold Move by immediately authorizing the Interceptor for production... oh, wait, that was the dream we had while nodding during the Focus intro. Rather, no plans for the Interceptor's future were mentioned, and the Interceptor was quietly chased off the stage by the next vehicle in Ford's procession.

Yeah, the styling is a bit derivitive, and the interior is dark and weird, and the door handles don't work well at all, but we don't think any of that would matter much if Ford would bring to its showrooms a RWD sedan with an honest 400 hp and a row-your-own trans.

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