Minor bump between a car and a cyclist in China turns into a riot

The tale of this incident begins with a fantastic understatement: "Every so often, a traffic accident gets blown out of proportion in China." In America, we say things get "blown out of proportion" when a parking lot fender bender turns into a screaming match. In this case, "blown out of proportion" means something that would bring out tear gas and riot gear in the States.

What happened to the Buick you see above didn't happen in the car accident. The woman driving this Buick through Nankai University campus bumped into a bicyclist, leaving her car with a scratch. That was the accident. She got out and demanded an apology, and then demanded payment for damages. Other students began to gather, and because the woman's Buick didn't have a permit to allow her to drive on campus, their first question was where was she from and what was she doing on campus. Her response was "If I produce my identification document you should be scared to death."

The police came. The driver's mother and brother came. Campus security came. Teachers came. And more -- a lot more -- students came. After the driver's brother assaulted a student who tried to further scratch the Buick, that's when things got, as they say, "blown out of proportion." The amassed students had their way with the car, and a 10-inch scratch turned into something more like a salvage title writeoff. Click the link to get the full story. And if you make it over to Beijing for the Olympics, try not to upset the students.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

[Source: China Car Times]

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