Bajaj Auto debuts $3,000 car ahead of Tata

With less than a day to go before Tata unveils its much-hyped $2,500 "people's car," one of the automaker's Indian rivals, Bajaj Auto, has unveiled a vehicle with a similar purpose. The concept, which was designed and built in India, will be produced under the Nissan/Renault/Bajaj alliance and should retail for around $3,000. The budget car's body might be different when it reaches production, but the running gear, steering, brakes and engine is pretty much set in stone. Other versions will be produced in the coming years sporting Nissan and Renault badges with bodywork to match each of those automakers' lineups.
While a $500 sticker over Tata's ultra-low cost conveyance isn't much, the bigger hurdle for Bajaj is getting production sorted out. Tata intends to begin production of its vehicle within the next eight months, while Bajaj might have to wait a full two years before its bargain-basement whip hits the streets.

[Source: Economic Times]

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