GM reaffirms Chevy Volt on sale by 2010

General Motors, which has been blasted for having too many fuel-thirsty trucks and SUVs in the past, has recognized that the Chevy Volt has some serious momentum, and the Detroit automaker is redoubling its efforts to make the series hybrid a reality on time. Bob Lutz told us that the Volt would begin production by the end of decade, and despite Rick Wagoner preparing us for a missed deadline, Maximum Bob is reiterating his original 2010 deadline. Lutz points out that 400 advanced fuel scientists, 200 dedicated engineers and 40 designers are pumping heart and soul into the project, and we get the feeling failure is not an option. With skyrocketing fuel prices continuing to gradually increase and real consumer demand for a high mileage production vehicle growing, we're looking forward to Bob being right.

[Source: GM Fast Lane Blog]

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