WSJ: GM making sci-fi cars, Volt is a "moon shot"

The Wall Street Journal is not kind to GM's plans for the Volt electric car in the article headlined Could GM's Salvation Be Stuff of Science Fiction? After calling a driver-less car GM is showing off at CES "science fiction," here is what the Wall Street Journal has to say about the Volt:

The push to produce cars that can drive themselves isn't the only moon-shot project GM has in the works. Mr. Wagoner has also greenlighted a nearly billion-dollar effort to launch a battery-powered car, called the Chevrolet Volt, within a few years.

With the exception of the Prius, the Wall Street Journal writes, "many attempts at moving the state of the art forward don't pan out." The Journal says GM's driver-less car plans could be a real embarrassment and uses news of a possible delay in the release of the Volt as support for this position.

With all due respect, the Journal is confusing two very different technologies. I don't know about driver-less cars but electric drive is a proven technology that exists and has existed on the roads for years. GM made the EV1 a decade ago and there are many electric cars on the road today. An electric car is not science fiction. It is very real, hard fact and if American car companies don't get on board, they will be left behind.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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