Man follows GPS directions, runs into passenger train

Sometimes you come across a story that makes you say, "I get it... But I don't get it..." A computer consultant in a rental car recently showcased his unflagging trust in technology, and just barely lived to tell the story. Following the instructions the GPS was giving him -- religiously, in this case -- he was told to make a right turn... onto train tracks. And he did it.

We can't ever imagine a case in which making a right turn onto train tracks could be an acceptable course of action, no matter who's giving the command. Especially in light of some of the places our own GPS has tried to lead us. And not only did the driver make the turn onto the tracks, but he got stuck there -- just as a passenger train was coming. Not being known for their ability to stop on any amount of coinage, and in spite of the man's waving, the train plowed into the car in a "fiery crash."

No one was hurt in the crash -- the driver got out of the way in time. However, the 500 passengers who were stranded for hours probably wanted to do unkind things to him once they found out he was all right. Yet if he's not hurting now, the bill he gets from the rental car company might change that. Even if he checked the comprehensive option, we can't imagine that a train and 250 feet of damaged railroad tracks are covered in the rental company's Loss Damage Waiver.

Thanks for the tip, Brian!

[Source: MSNBC]

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