Chrysler gives details on 5,000-worker job cut

Last year Chrysler announced that it intended to significantly reduce its workforce by 2009 as part of its Recovery and Transformation plan. The exact focus of the planned reductions was not revealed at the time. Now, however, Chrysler has publicly released information detailing the locations of nearly 5,000 job cuts set to occur between now and the end of March. The layoffs will span five North American plants and the numbers consist of all hourly workers (i.e. union workers) and stem from the eliminations of extra production shifts. 900 workers will be gone from the Jefferson North Assembly Plant and 1,140 from the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, both in the Detroit area. The Toledo North Assembly Plant loses 780 jobs and the Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario will cut 1,000 employees. The Belvedere Assembly Plant in Illinois will be excusing 1,096 workers, with around 600 of those coming from temporary positions. Our condolences if you're one of the 5,000. We hear that Audi is hiring, though.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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